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INNER TEMPLE: Qigong Intensive

26th August – 8th September, Chiang Mai Thailand


Learn the transformational power of Internal Alchemy and Qigong:

  • Practical energy work and experiential learning

  • Energy healing for yourself and others

  • Apply energy work to practices and modalities

  • Personal evolution and spiritual ascension


In this intensive you will learn to work with the three major energy centres to perceive, discern and transform energy related to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies – through direct experience, in an accessible and practical way.


Over 50 hours we will work through the following levels of internal energy and awareness:

  • Level 1 – Vital (physical)

  • Level 2 – Astral (emotions)

  • Level 3 – Mental (mind)

  • Level 4 – Akasha and Non-Dual White Light (spiritual)

  • Including the four elements – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water


Each training session begins with fundamental practices, then a new practice introduced to build upon the previous session and following a natural progression, plus journaling, theory and discussion.


This qigong intensive is designed to develop your feeling senses (clairsentience) and energy skill set, deepen your awareness and connection to energy within yourself and your environment, begin a process of healing and inner transformation, and synchronise your energy bodies to your full potential.


Utilising a universal energy framework, this training can be overlaid onto any modality or system you may already be working in to gain a deeper understanding of energetics and working with the substance of qi/energy.


Suitable for all skill levels and paths – from beginners looking for a straightforward approach to inner work, to practitioners and teachers working in energy arts such as qigong, reiki, massage, etc. looking to deepen their skills and enrich the modalities they offer.

In this training you will learn:

  • Practical energy work for healing, evolution and spiritual ascension

  • Qigong meditation practices 

  • Partner exercises to develop energy listening and healing skills 

  • To use a vibrational scale of energy 

  • How to use the major energy centres / dantians to work with energy

  • How to use the body, mind and breath to build and conduct energy

  • Sensitivity and perception of energy

  • Discernment and transformation of energy

  • How to tune to energy

  • Introspection and inner work

  • Self-healing and how to heal others

  • How to apply energy work to other modalities​

Benefits of this training:

  • Energy transmission based teaching

  • Connection to Akasha and Non-Dual White Light

  • Opens awareness of the energy bodies and central channel

  • Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing and alignment

  • Personal and spiritual development

  • Energy empowerment tools to improve life

Open to all levels – beginner to practitioner



  • Notebook and pen

  • Water

  • Yoga mat (or similar) for outdoor training when needed

  • Openness and willingness to learn

  • Additional practice on your own


Details: Investment: THB 60,000

Check your currency:



Schedule: 26th August – 8th September, 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon each day

Afternoons are free for your own practice (which is essential to integrate new learnings and energies) and also to rest and enjoy Chiang Mai.

Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours per day / 50 hours over 14 days

Where: Indoors (Suthep Road, Chiang Mai) and various outdoor locations in nature and temples


Fees must be paid in full at least 2 weeks prior to the commencement date.

Any bank transfer or PayPal fees must be covered by you.


Scheduled session/s cancelled with less than 12 hours’ notice will be considered lost (i.e. deducted from the total number of hours). Any training hours lost in this way can be made up by booking additional session/s at a rate of THB 1,800 per hour.


Sudden illness or similarly serious unforeseen events are acceptable grounds for late (i.e. less than 12 hours’ notice) cancellation.


WhatsApp / Telegram: +66 62 009 6584


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