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INNER TEMPLE: Online Training

One-to-one via Zoom 


Online training is one-to-one via Zoom and covers a similar framework as the in-person training. There are certain aspects of the training that can’t be done online, e.g. the partner work.


Please take a look at the INNER TEMPLE: Qigong Intensive to get an idea of what you will learn during this online training.


As we’ll be working one-to-one you’ll not only learn about energy, but will also receive guidance from me to help you heal and empower yourself on your path. 


Online training can be scheduled in a number of ways from daily, weekly to monthly sessions. That said, the more consistent and regular your sessions are, the better it is for learning, understanding and growth. 


Approximately 30 hours of training will cover the Inner Temple Qigong framework and set you up with a solid foundation to build upon on your own, with the option to continue learning with me afterwards on a more casual basis or structured as needed. 


You can also join the Inner Temple Qigong Telegram group where you can connect to other students, ask questions, share your insights, and be supported within a like-minded community.


This training is suitable for all skill levels and paths – from absolute beginners looking for a straightforward approach to inner work, to practitioners and teachers working in energy arts such as qigong, reiki, massage, etc. looking to deepen their skills and enrich the modalities they offer.  

Online Training Packages:


Single 1 hour session: USD $75

5 x 1 hour sessions package: USD $350
Package must used within one month

30 x 1 hour sessions package: USD $2,000 

Covers the foundational Inner Temple Qigong framework: Vital, Astral, Mental, Akasha, and Non-Dual White Light. Package must be used within two months


Note: All sessions must be paid up-front and are subject to standard cancellation terms [see below]


Scheduled session/s cancelled with less than 12 hours’ notice will be considered lost (i.e. deducted from the total number of hours). Any training hours lost in this way can be made up by booking additional session/s at a rate of USD $75 per hour.


Sudden illness or similarly serious unforeseen events are acceptable grounds for late (i.e. less than 12 hours’ notice) cancellation.



WhatsApp / Telegram: +66 62 009 6584


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