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LIVING TEMPLE: Stillness + Movement
10 Day Workshop 

3rd – 14th June 2024, Chiang Mai, Thailand


The Living Temple: Stillness + Movement Workshop offers a transformative, experiential, healing, and awakening experience. You will be guided through how to use practical methods in a participatory environment which – once embodied, cultivated and refined – can bring ever-increasing and continual empowerment, meaning and harmony to life.


Through qigong meditation and embodied intelligence movement we will explore and understand the intimate relationship between our mind, body and energy to transform our inner and outer being – consciously creating our Living Temple. 


Our embodied methods are based in the wisdom tradition of alchemy, with emphasis on meditation, movement and mindfulness – cultivating stillness and allowing for natural connection and integration of our mind, body and energy for healing, evolution and growth. During the workshop we will explore:


  • our Outer Temple through movement practices including contact improvisation (CI), Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and strength training. We will explore these practices through a kinesthetic language allowing participants to be attuned to the sounds of the relationship, affording them to move by ‘being’ intuition as opposed to ‘experiencing’ intuition – embodied intelligence – building a strong vehicle for freedom of expression of consciousness and energy mobilisation;

  • our Inner Temple through qigong meditation and attunement to energy. We will explore the energy principles of the five elements and non-dual white light to build a harmonious foundation to our inner temple and synchronise our mind, body and emotions to our highest potential, awakening our spirit;

  • partner exercises to cultivate listening skills, awareness and intuition;

  • introspection, self-healing and personal transformation. 


Marissa and Tristan share their extensive experience to introduce and guide you in deep embodied transformational methods so that you can continue to explore, integrate and create your own Living Temple.


This transformative workshop will run over 10 days from 3rd - 14th June 2024. 



This workshop will run over 10 days with a weekend break in-between:

Monday 3rd - Friday 7th June 2024 

Monday 10th - Friday 14th June 2024 



Workshop participation will take place each day.

Stillness session: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. 

Movement session: 10:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.



theDENcnx | เดอะเด็น | a movement space

430 moo 10, soi2/2 Mae hia Chiang Mai 50100



Tristan RT 

Marissa Newell


THB 35,000 

Check your currency:

Optional: Pay an additional THB 1,000 (i.e. total THB 36,000) and gain full access to the facilities at theDENcnx for the entirety of the workshop period. Facilities include the fully equipped gym and space for personal practice, moving and training, plus ice bath and sauna for recovery.



Tristan RT  

Tristan explores movement, drawing upon Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), contact improvisation, strength training, stillness, and other related practices.


He teaches movement through a kinesthetic language allowing participants to be attuned to the sounds of the relationship, affording them to move by ‘being’ intuition, as contrasted to ‘experiencing’ intuition. 


Tristan sees such a language as a proxy to make sense of our relationship with what-is-not-us. The language is explored through ‘relational practices’ which explore cooperation (through contact improvisation) and competition (through BJJ). 


He is a co-founder of theDENcnx, a space where people can cultivate themselves through various movement practices.


Marissa Newell

Marissa began her journey in internal arts in 2007 and has dedicated herself to studying qigong, tai chi chuan, internal alchemy, and Hermetics. 


Internal Qigong and Hermetics are the foundation of her practice and teachings, guiding students on a path of healing and evolution through energy work, inner transformation and spiritual ascension.

She has run meditation and qigong community classes in collaboration with Buddhist Nuns at a local temple, offers private qigong healing, workshops and courses, and trains students intensively in internal arts both in person in Northern Thailand, and online.

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